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-Evelyn, Daughter of Sunny Acres Legacy Care Resident

It was one year ago that my father became your first resident, after struggling to manage in his

prior assisted living facility; he immediately began improving at Legacy Care. His appetite was better,he was socially engaged, he was sketching again, and listening to his favorite music all day, playing games, dancing, exercising(begrudgingly) and going on lunch trips. 

My father got the best care that anyone could ever provide, care that was so highly individualized to his needs and care delivered with a level of compassion that I have never seen.

Now, as you continue your work, and compassionately extend yourself to give your residents their best lives, please hold in your hearts the knowledge of the difference you made in my father's life and in mine. I will carry Legacy Care in my heart, right next to my father, for the rest of my life.

Kevin Plummer

What can I say to two of God's greatest gifts on earth? Thank you doesn't even begin to do justice. The kindness and compassion you and your staff showed my dear mother was nothing short of astonishing. 

My wife and I feel so lucky and blessed to have found a place for mom where people really do go above and beyond and go out of their way to plan activities around the interests of the residents and go out of their way to engage them. Our mom feels so blessed and loved there and is doing so well since she moved there earlier this year.

-Attorney John F. Laderoute 

My mom was very ill when she came to Legacy Care. I have noticed such a change in her since; and I credit the genuine caring and love your amazing and unique staff have given to her and the other residents. Jeff, you have angels in Alicia, Kristina, and Krystal and all your staff are wonderful and exceptional. My mom is truly blessed to have found Legacy Care. Your facility is a testament to Shirley Eaton who always had unparalleled devotion. You should be very proud.

Everyone was so welcoming and caring to our mom and our family from day one. Words cannot express how thankful we are at finding a place where our mom gets such loving attention and where the staff truly makes a difference in people's lives. Jeff, Alicia, Kristina, and the entire staff are so committed and have unique memory care unit where the activities are planned around the interests of the residents.

-Waring Family

-Daring Family

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