Families and Friends of Sunny Acres/Legacy Care         September 25 2020

This week the Baker Administration and The Mass. Department of Public Health issued guidelines for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Centers to begin the process that may allow indoor resident visits. Please understand there are many  variables involved for this to occur. Some of the rules are based on guidelines presented by the CDC.  Our team is working to finalize the new policies and procedures to allow these indoor visits. Please understand there are major hurdles ahead, but the ultimate goal is for you to be able to have a pleasurable experience when you see your resident family member.

Some of the guidelines will remain, with the first option to continue to have outside visits for as much as possible through September, but as we move inside- there will be more stringent rules. Some of these rules will be based on our local virus community spread which is now in a “Yellow and Red Alert” status, which means the virus positivity rate is still a major concern and may impact on how visits may happen. I am hopeful we can begin inside visits very soon.

We continue to test our staff and residents on a routine basis, and through the summer and we have had no positive cases, but the introduction of families coming into the center has some significant risks. We all have to work together to keep our residents and staff safe, which means following the policies and procedures will remain a priority. Another variable is staffing, and we will have to change our staffing patterns to make sure we can provide these scheduled visits.

Another important factor to understand is during our surveillance testing- if we have any positive cases, all visits will have to stop for at least 14 days. Next week we will post on our website the new rules and I will send you all another Email notice of the summary of these guidelines.  Please be patient and understanding - The number one goal is the safety of your family member, the following protocol is still in place:

The Current Protocols are still in place and a summary is listed below:

1: Visits will be scheduled Monday through Friday- 9:30am to 4:30pm and Sundays 10:00am to 2:00pm

2. Visitors must remain at least 6 feet from the resident at all time during the visits.

3. All visitors must be over the age of 16 and there are no split visits.

4. Each resident is allowed two visitors at a time for no longer than 30 minutes, and no more than one

    visit per week is allowed per resident

5. Please arrive as close to your reservation as possible, if you are early please park in one of our parking lots until we call you for your visit. You will then be instructed to go to the meeting area, prior to seeing your loved one, please remain in your vehicle with a mask on and our staff will screen you for a fever or respiratory symptoms. Any individuals with symptoms of Covid 19 infection (fever, equal to or greater than 100.0 degrees F, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, myalgia, chills, or new onset of loss of taste or smell) will not be permitted to visit with a resident.

6. Visitors MUST wear a face covering that covers nose and mouth and remain in place during the entire visit.

7. Please note visits MUST be supervised at all times. WE WILL NOT PROVIDE such covering to the visitors.

8. Our staff member must remain with the resident at all times during the visit.

9. Please refrain from bringing food and or drinks during outside visits. Non-perishable are acceptable.

10. Any resident or visitor who is unable to adhere to this policy will be asked to leave immediately and will need to call facility to reschedule a new visit, we also reserve the  right to refuse visitation if there is just cause.

11. At no time is anyone allowed to stand outside the fence or walk around the grounds.

12. Due to conflicting priorities we have phased out window visits.

13. We would be happy to set up virtual or phone calls with your loved ones.

14. If you want to schedule a virtual visit via iPad we can coordinate this by calling either

15. Judy Saba at Sunny Acres or Alicia Tagliarello at Legacy Care

16. Proper and respectful communication is expected between you and our staff.

Thank you for your support and assistance during this very difficult period.

Another Update- is we have started Hair-dressing Services- and Jennifer has increased her prices slightly, we will post these prices on our web site or you can call Keleigh at the Reception desk to discuss options for hair services.

As I stated in my previous e-mail communications , Sunny Acres/Legacy Care continues to follow CDC and Mass DPH guidelines pertaining to keeping our residents and our staff safe from this ever changing Co-vid 19 virus crisis.

Jeffrey Schwartz, Administrator, NHA

Alicia Tagliaferro, RCD Legacy Care

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